Built bunkers


1 x 600
2 x 667


1 x provision storage
3 x waterbergplaats


1 x woonverblijf


5 x tobruk
1 x building heating
1 x w.c.

Within the municipality of The Hague were still some resistance nests not Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen but belonged in the Free Coastline layers, the area betweenFortress Hoek van Holland andStützpunktgruppe Scheveningen.Strongpoint 2 H was behind the General Cemetery Westduin.


it had at its disposal for the defense side about 5 cm KwK which was drawn up in a bunker type 600 (gun emplacement for 5 cm tank gun with Crew and ammunition shelter). The gun was on a special pedestal (Light Socket mount) With a southern line of fire and was used against enemy troops and light armored vehicles. The bunker also had a gassluis, a crew stay for six soldiers, a ontsmettingsnis, an emergency exit and there was an ammunition space available for a stock of 2,000 grenades. In addition, there were two bunkers of type 667 (Kleinstschartenstand für 5 cm KwK) which also each have a 5 cm KwK contain. The bunker had only one room, the battle space in which the gun was drawn. In the wall of the bunker was a small munitienis exist for a stock of 144 grenades. For observation and close defense were five Tobruks type 58C built.

Supporting structures

The commission store was located in two standard masonry food storehouses. These bunkers had an arch-shaped roof with a ventilation duct. The living quarters that lay in the complex consists of a large and a small room separated by a wall with a door.


InStrongpoint 2 H was de Heeres level Stelle “Ludwig” encamped. This was one of the gauging device OKH (OKH). The mission and purpose of the listening post was intercepting broadcast traffic from unknown channels, pinpointing unknown channels and decoding encrypted telegrams. According to information from February 25, 1944 was Strongpoint 2 H defended by the 723 Grenadier Regiment,consisting of two officers and 15 men, armed with:

  • 2 × 5 cm KwK
  • 2 x Light machine gun
  • 300 × grenade
  • 15 × Gun
  • 2 x Pistol
  • 1 × Light gun
  • 1 × machine gun