Built bunkers


1 x commandobunker


3 x mitrailleuropstelling
2 x flak


4 x storage


9 x manschappenverblijf


3 x ammunition storage


1 x canteen / kitchen
1 x radar- in machinebunker
3 x unknown
2 x tobruk

Radar Post Moritz

This support was in the second line of Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen and was located in the West Dunes. Besides the radar in line Savornin Lohmanlaan stood in the Westduinen a radar, this was initially on a map of April 1942 in line with the Fuutlaan indicated as planned. The area of ​​this support eventually was an extension of the Kwartellaan. It was a radar station Luftwaffe the name Moritz. This name was used as a code name in the German tactical messaging. After the reorgasatie of the Luftwaffe in 1944, the statement was a 3e Ordnungstelling, which means that this proposition itself did only radar observations and own aircraft could not control. The radar data from a 3e Ordnungstelling were passed on to a 1e Ordnungstelling, In this case Position Zander Zandvoort. Here, the data were placed on a Luftlagekarte (Air location map), and this was sent back to a Divisionsgefechtstand, in this case Diogenes to Deelen. Since the deployment and distribution of the German fighters were determined.


Of Mammothradar of the type FMG 41/42 G was built in the spring of 1942 and was fully operational in the summer.


The type of bunker which was the installation is a Reinforced Light box bunker of an unknown type, probably an early forerunner of the radar bunker type V143 (Mammutstand) later about 900 meters down Widerstandsnest 66 HM was built. The bunker has been designated as a Device and equipment Bunker. Around the radar installation were several crew bunkers for the personnel of the radar station, these were interconnected through open trenches. In addition, scattered in the fulcrum few bunkers with support functions and a barrack. In defense there were machine gun positions and was drawn flak.


According to a map of 29 March 1943, the focal point was occupied by:

  • 5. / IL.831 mammoth device, consisting of 4 officers and 20 men
  • 8./Luftnachrichten Regiment 211, consisting of two officers and 16 men
  • Air Force Protect 477 / VI, consisting of two officers and 11 men

Later the occupation changed, according to a map of August 24, 1944 the focal point was occupied by:

  • 13./Luftnachrichten Reserve Regiment, consisting of one officer, four officers and 27 men
  • Air Force Protect 477 / VI, consisting of five officers and 10 men