Built bunkers


2 x storeroom


5 x woonverblijf


This Stützpunkt was located in the southwestern part of the Groves-legged on the Nieboerweg. On May 24, 1944 the complex was used as Police Geschutz battery, consisting of 3 officers, 30 noncommissioned officers and 153 men, with weapons:

  • 2 x Light machine gun
  • 6 × Heavy Machine Gun
  • 7 x 7.62 cm gun

On August 24, 1944 the complex was declared as a Flakbatterie consisting of 1 officer, 1 sergeant and 20 men, with weapons:

  • 1 × machine gun
  • 1 x 3.7 cm gun

Presumably, the designation as Flakbatterie a clerical error because the Base XXXXIIIcH – Westduinen Flak though it was designed as anti-aircraft battery.

Lack of resources

It is due to lack of resources hardly describe what has happened in this complex; there was a lot of troops pushed through the Normandy landings bringing the number of complexes sometimes changed rapidly. There are at least five living quarters for six soldiers and two sheds built. Presumably there was a kabelput a telephone post. All the bunkers are just after the war destroyed what further identification impossible.