Artikelen door Dennis

Bunkerdag Hague Great Success

More than 19,000 people last Saturday visited the bunkers and other remnants of the Atlantic in the Netherlands. Hague drew the bunker unique locations of the Atlantic Museum thousands of visitors. A big success! Long queues of enthusiastic and curious visitors were ready to take a look at one of four locations on the […]

Recordings of television programs “The core”

Eind 2017 werd het Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen gevraagd om mee te werken aan een item over bunkers voor het tv programma “The core”. Het enthiousiasme onder de vrijwilligers was groot en de afspraak was snel gemaakt. Er zijn diverse opnamens gemaakt op de locatie WN 318 en tijdens werkzaamheden op de locatie Wn67HL. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” […]

Experience Bunkerdag 2018 in the City of Peace and Justice

It's almost time! On June 9, the Bunkerdag. During the annual Bunkerdag bunkers are opened along the Dutch coastline to the public and the stories of these hidden locations are brought back to life. From Zeeland to Ameland there are several locations of bunkers and other remnants of the Atlantic to […]

discovered bunker!

While working on the North Boulevard in Scheveningen is again encountered an unknown bunker. Volunteers of the Atlantic Museum Scheveningen examined the bunker in cooperation with the Municipality of The Hague. The bunker is measured and made pictures. It is not yet known exactly what function had this bunker. This will be described more […]

Hague Freedom Week 2018

For freedom in the Netherlands have fought many and even their lives. Also we wear today responsibility for freedom. Because freedom is not obvious. We must continue to work continuously for a free society. A society where people can be themselves and give each other space. A society in which people […]

Kids Museum Night 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018 we have for the first time participated in the Museum Night Kids. With a bus were children [and parents] come to Scheveningen from the center. Our location on the Badhuisweg one could documentary “the hidden boundary”, Show an educational film about the coastal defenses raised by the occupier. The film does not contain […]

painting Exhibition

On Sunday, March 4th, 2018 visiting season has started again. The location Badhuisweg was opened in the crew bunker St 622 with the start of the season is also an exhibition of paintings by André van Kruijssen. From Kruijssen is president of the Foundation Never and author of the book "Scheveningen 1940-1945; The victims and […]

Bunker Ontdekdag 2018

During site preparation North Boulevard Scheveningen found a flawless bunker from World War II in December 2017. There are several things in the bunker from World War II found, like an old German newspaper from 1945, Ammunition casings and parts of a German uniform. This bunker was based on old drawings unknown […]

S3k Kazemat Northern Boulevard

In redesigning the Scheveningen Boulevard (Stützpunkt XXXXII HM) in 2017 was part of the old coastal defenses emerge; a Dutch machine gun bunker type S3k with a German construction and tunnel. To open the bunker to the public wast bunker cleared of debris and assessed for safety. It was also the […]