Experience Bunkerdag 2018 in the City of Peace and Justice

It's almost time! On June 9, the Bunkerdag. During the annual Bunkerdag bunkers are opened along the Dutch coastline to the public and the stories of these hidden locations are brought back to life. Zeeland visit to Ameland there are several locations of bunkers and other remnants of the Atlantic.

In The Hague, where Bunkerdag was first organized, there are several locations of the Atlantic Museum Scheveningen opened bunkers. Behind the Deltaplein in Kijkduin you can take a look at the corridors of Widerstandsnest 67 HL. In Widerstandsnest 318, Visit the Badhuisweg in Scheveningen, the command bunker and the bunker are men. The authentically decorated command bunker to see a unique collection pieces including a German transmitter / receiver and various weapons. Step into a time capsule to World War II and the Cold War Manschappenbunker 622. A previously opened bunker on the corner of Oostduinlaan and Ruychrocklaan, which will be open specifically for bunkerdag to the public. In radarpost Moritz shows an original phase shifter of a radar system of the type 'Mammut'. Appointed codenamed Moritz, this was one of the first operational Mammut radars of the Atlantic!

Have we made you excited? Pull your shoes, take your flashlight, and experience bunkerdag on June 9 with us in the city of peace and justice! To visit the bunkers you need a ticket. During bunkerdag you can just buy your ticket at the bunkers. This is € 6 for adults and € 3 for children 4/12 years. The proceeds from your ticket will benefit! In this way we ensure the management and conservation of the Atlantic heritage in the city for future generations. Pay attention! The locations can only be paid in cash; pins is not possible.

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