Bunkerdag Hague Great Success

More than 19,000 people last Saturday visited the bunkers and other remnants of the Atlantic in the Netherlands. Hague drew the bunker unique locations of the Atlantic Museum thousands of visitors. A big success! Long queues of enthusiastic and curious visitors were ready to take a look at one of four locations on the Hague coast. The crowd was diverse and the atmosphere was good! Young and old, veterans and families to tourists, school classes and sets, they were all there!

Some of the day

Of war and occupation to the city of Peace and Justice, nowhere in the Netherlands the contrast of past and present as visible as in the Hague. But there are so many Atlantic heritage present in our city, often still show a big surprise. Many visitors also engage in a dialogue with the guides and volunteers. "Impressive!" A neighbor says he is now 27 years in Kijkduin lives but had no idea of ​​the existence of these tunnels. A young woman would just like nakletsen:"This was my first Bunkerdag. Very special! History is suddenly so close that you can almost smell it and feel.”

In some it brings back memories of other times. So is an elderly man just finished his walk through the corridors of the Widerstandsnest 67 and tells one of the volunteers that he just after the war was in the bunker. He sat in the explosives team from The Hague which realized the demolition of bunkers along the coast. We conclude with a compliment. A female visitor puts her enthusiastic thumbs up; "It may be said that you are doing very well here in The Hague! Good story, well done! " Of course, we love to hear!

Visit bunkers outside Bunkerdag

We hope everyone enjoyed Bunkerdag 2018 and as much as we would like to thank all visitors for an unforgettable day! Bunkerdag missed? Whether you want to (again) visit a bunker outside Bunkerdag? Which can! View here our website features and hours of different locations. Of course we are also interested in your Bunkerdag experience. We see your mail will forward to with questions or suggestions! To donate? Love! Your donation will benefit! In this way we ensure the management and conservation of the Atlantic heritage in the city for future generations.

Click on the photo below for a fun compilation of this day.

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