Wn. 318, Scheveningen

The figurehead of the foundation is the command bunker in the complex Widerstandsnest 318 (Verteidigungsstab Badhuisweg). In this complex there is also a personnel bunker refurnished and a toilet bunker made accessible.

Wn. 67 HL, Kijkduin

In Kijkduin the foundation has made a part of the complex Widerstandsnest 67 HL accessible. About a hundred meters of tunnel and four bunkers can eventually be visited. A part of the tunnel is already open for visitors.

Scheinflughafen, Ockenburg

In World War II in Ockenburg was Scheinflughafen (fake airport) Ockenburg.. The Schaltbunker, from which the counterfeit aircrafts and searchlights were operated, can be visited during certain events.

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