German attack

On 10 May 1940, German paratroopers attacked the newly created auxiliary airfield Ockenburg as part of the operation Fall Gelb. This would later be remembered as the May-days of 1940For the Netherlands this was the beginning of World War II. After a fierce battle of conquest and reconquest the airport finally fell into German hands. They rebuilt it into an imitation airport: Scheinflughafen Ockenburg. Its goal was to confuse the Allies and to provoke bombings on the imitation airport.


Of the bunkers that were built for the airport, only the Schaltbunker remains. From this bunker konden namaakvliegtuigen en bijbehorende verlichting worden aangestuurd om het geheel zo realistisch mogelijk te maken. In de bunker is een tentoonstelling over het schijnvliegveld te bezichtigen.

Opening hours

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Near Restaurant De Haagsche Beek
Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 175
The Hague

Next to the car park in the strip of dunes.

Accessible by bus lines 23, 24, and 26. Get off at Kijkduinsestraat or Kijkduin, from both stops it is an approximately 10 minutes walk to the bunker. Car parking is free.