The museum

planraumThe primary museum location is an authentically furnished command bunker type 608 (Battalions,- Abteilungs-oder Regiments-Gefechtsstand). From this bunker and the nearby villas the Germans commanded Stützpunkgruppe Scheveningen . The bunker is authentically furnished and gives visitors the unique experience of a tangible past. Also, original historical objects of German, British, Canadian and American forces are exhibited.

In the adjacent personnel bunker type 622 (Doppelgruppenunterstand) you will find a 'time capsule'; one of the two living quarters is furnished solely with unrestored objects. This creates the impression that the bunker has remained untouched since the end of World War II. In reality, most bunkers in the Netherlands were looted and stripped of all valuable parts after the war. The other living quarters is an exhibition space for photographs, art and historical objects.

Opening hours

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The tours are continuously, previously do not need to sign up.


Adults€ 3
Children under 12 years old€ 1
veteransFree [by showing veteranenpas]
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Opposite of numbers 119-133, 2597JM, Scheveningen
Next to coffeehouse 'De Boshut’

Approach by tram line 9: get off at tram stop Wagenaarweg, from there it's a 6-minute walk to the bunker. Cars can be parked for free at a walking distance.