New addition to the collection: The Panzerfaust 60

We proudly present a new object in our collection: an original Panzerfaust type 60. The Panzerfaust is through a third-party exchanges with the War Museum Overloon find us and can be seen from this Sunday in the museum at the Badhuisweg.

During the Second World War were the German forces need a cheap, easy to produce anti-tank weapon. In 1942 therefore started designing the Panzerfaust. The idea was to create a kind of 'wegwerp' weapon, easy to use. In essence, it is a hollow metal tube having a small charge blasting. If these are detonated by pulling the trigger, which drives one of the front to the tube mounted grenade with hollow charge on. Grenade must destroy the tank.

1945, Lt. John B Roller, Coeburn, Va, of the US Ninth Army in Germany, with a German Panzerfaust 60. Battlefield Historian © copyright 2009

Because the tube is open at both sides, the explosion is blowing in two directions. From the front propels the grenade the path. Behind it stores a large flame out. Therefore, the weapon often bore the warning: "Danger! Jet of fire! " (Beware! Fire Ray!). Although this can be dangerous, it also had the advantage of: since the explosion was not stopped, the user had little affected by the hit, in other words the non-return. The Panzerfaust is therefore a recoil weapon charge’ called.

The weapon was developed quickly. The first version was the Panzerfaust 30, then the Panzerfaust 60, 100 and in 1945 designed the 150. The number after the name gave away that could reach the gun: the Panzerfaust 60, appearing now in our museum, for example, could destroy every tank within 60 meters. As mentioned, the Panzerfaust was not only devastatingly simple: similar anti-tank weapons were much more complicated, as the British PIAT and American Bazooka. A new development of the weapon, the Panzerfaust 3Is still in use.

Want to see up close how great a weapon that can destroy a tank is? Or where the fire radius exactly come from? Come Sunday at the museum on Badhuisweg!

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