German soldiers on the Courtyard

Atlantic Museum Scheveningen Foundation was opgericht.De statutes on January 1, 2005 are recorded notary in The Hague.


The Hague is the international city of peace and justice; the legal capital of the world. The city regularly in the world by many major international organizations working for peace and justice. The International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the Yugoslavia Tribunal (ICTY), all have settled in The Hague. Around the legal and administrative bodies is an impressive cluster of non-governmental organizations and research institutions arise.

Het Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen probeert op deze rol van Den Haag aan te sluiten, en een ontmoetingsplaats tussen oorlog, vrede en recht te vormen. Een levend monument voor vredeseducatie, waar tentoonstellingen, bijeenkomsten en rondleidingen kunnen plaatsvinden.

In cooperation with existing cultural institutions and existing Atlantikwall museums, the museum places a specific piece of The Hague history in an international context.


Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen aims for:

  • Acquaint the audience with the Atlantikwall within the limits of the municipality of The Hague in all its appearances
  • Arousing interest in peace issues and encouraging active promotion of peace in the broadest sense and peace underlying conditions
  • Based on introduction to, and targeted dissemination of information about the consequences of war and the threat to individual citizens and society
  • Using purpose made accessible, restored, equipped and managed bunkers from World War II by the foundation as a permanent Peace Memorial
  • Also drawing attention to the special role The Hague and the Netherlands have in the promotion of peace in the international context