Visit the Atlantic Museum during Heritage

This weekend of 8 and September 9, 2018 the 32nd edition of the Heritage site, one of the largest cultural events in the Netherlands. The international issues "in Europe" this year focuses on everything in our continent culturally linked to each other. It is the opportunity to visit a place where you normally do not come as quickly, or to participate in a unique, one-time activity.

In the context of cultural heritage, also joins the Atlantic Museum! With a 5,000 kilometer long defense line along the coasts of Europe, the Atlantic is one of the largest construction projects in European history. The construction of the Atlantic had drastic consequences for residents (and nature) of European coastal regions. In The Hague, for example, entire neighborhoods had to make way for a kilometer ditch. 135,000 coastal residents were forced to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere.

On Sunday, September 9th the Atlantic Museum opens its two public locations. In Kijkduin, behind the Delta Plaza, you can take a look at the corridors of Of resistance 67 HL. is located at the Badhuisweg in The Hague to the Widerstandsnest 318, Which you will find a command bunker and a personnel bunker. Here to see some unique collection including a German transmitter / receiver, various weapons and items from the (Hague) resistance.

Access to the bunker museum is free during Heritage! So you don hiking boots and take a look at one of our locations, or both! Until Sunday!

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