In park Sorghvliet a school for the training of secret agents was founded in the fall of 1942. Should the Allies liberate the western part of the Netherlands or other parts of Western Europe, they would be deployed as spies and saboteurs behind the enemy lines. Park Sorghvliet was completely sealed off in wartime, along the high walls armed German soldiers were patrolling, and warning signs stated that access to the park was absolutely forbidden. Also, a prison with guard rooms and a garage were built on the premise.


The teaching of soon-to-be saboteurs and spies was versatile. Besides learning foreign languages, they also ​​learned to deal with explosives and modern firearms, to use radio transmitters with secret codes, car and horse riding, boxing and fencing. The Agenten Schule West was given the name Seehof. The creation and management was in the hands of Friedrich Knollem, who worked for the Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (BdS) during the occupation. The school was a part of the SS and was also referred to as Referat VIs. The school was quite independent of the BdS because the instructions came directly from the Reichssicherheitshauptamt VI (RSHA Amt VI). Friedrich Knolle remained in command of the school until the summer of 1944, and during that time he was directly under the head of the service; Wilhelm Harster. His deputy and the daily leader of the school was the Hauptsturmführer Johannes Jacobus Sprey, a former Dutch reserve officer and member of the Germaansche SS in Nederland.


At the end of 1943 or early 1944, the school was expanded by the opening of the additional radio school Kuhoff at Deventer, also referred to as the Oxenhof . This school was used for the training of less capable agents. Because of the allies advancing, the Kuhoff was closed in September 1944. The school in the park Sorghviet was even retreated to Germany around that time. The training of all agents was ended. In the last months of its life only Arabs and Italians were trained here for sabotage in the Middle East and North Africa.