Impression Heritage Day 2018

With rows halfway into the dunes, Heritage 2018 exceeded all expectations. The visitors were enthusiastic and interested. It even appeared far ahead of the Heritage. The AD named us as one of the monuments that you should not miss the Scheveningen Courant wrote about our unique stamp liberation action. On the latter, it is nice to mention that we have not kept stamp!

© Kim Heijdenrijk 2018

Met het internationale thema “In Europa” lag dit jaar het accent op alles wat ons op het continent cultureel aan elkaar bindt. Een goed moment om stil te staan bij de de bunkers van de Atlantikwall, de restanten van een van de grootste bouwprojecten uit de Europese geschiedenis. Monumenten zijn immers zichtbare getuigen van het verleden. Ze laten de continuïteit, maar ook de complexiteit van de geschiedenis zien.

© Kim Heijdenrijk 2018

Next year the Heritage Days take place on 7 and 8 September with a new theme. Then the museum participates again. As long as you do not have to wait happy. The WN 318 until October every Sunday open to the public. Who wants to visit the tunnels of the WN 67 must be fast. Which is only open the first Sunday of October. After the winter break the doors of the museum will reopen in March 2019.

© Kim Heijdenrijk 2018

Thank you to author and columnist Kim Heijdenrijk for great shots of the WN 67 she made during her visit to Heritage and we may publish.

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